Honey & The Moon : A Novel of Love,Lust,infidelity and much more…..

A novel to set your heart on fire! Love, lust, career, ambition, drive for success, failure, marriage, infidelity.

Honey and the moon is the story of an ambitious career woman – Srishti.

A woman who doesn’t blink to participate in a man’s world, but a woman who is also equally needy inside for a man to be there to support and love her.

Conflicts of career success, relationship highs and lows and even infidelity enter Shrishti’s journey as she finds love, finds success, loses them and tries to find them again. Shrishti has the courage to deal with life.

But will she finally have it all drawn together in her maverick heart? Her story is a racy kaleidoscope of non-conformity and adventure.

Kamini Kusum

About the Author

Kamini Kusum is post graduate in management and has worked several years in corporate. Besides writing, she loves nature, traveling, food, movies, and yoga. She carves stories that are rooted in Indian culture and society.

Born in Bihar, having spent several years there and traveled extensively in eastern and northern India, her writings do have deep imprints of the culture prevailing in these areas.

She is also the author of books “A New Dawn” and “Secrets, Sins & Struggles”.

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